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Welcome to Sussex Stove & Chimney Systems

Sussex Stove & Chimney Systems, based in Newhaven, was formed to give customers the best workmanship and after care service that bigger companies seem to have lost.

How will the HETAS Competent Persons Scheme help me?

HETAS has a long history of dealing with all matters relating to solid fuel, wood and biomass along with the associated appliances and systems. We have developed a Registration Scheme for Businesses and listed competent individual Engineers involved with the installation of appliances and other related equipment e.g. chimneys and linings.

However, it should be noted that businesses are sometimes registered for the specific types of work e.g. dry stoves and chimney re-lining, whilst others may be registered for wet systems and new chimneys. Please ensure that you are getting an appropriate Registered Installer for the job you want done.

Businesses applying for membership of the HETAS Registration Scheme will have to meet a number of conditions before acceptance. The main conditions are:

  • They employ HETAS trained engineers
  • Their workmanship (on inspection) is of a good standard
  • They have the required level of Public Liability Insurance
  • They respond to customers’ concerns in a positive way

If you use a Registered Installer you do not need to seek Building Control Approval before commencing work. This will save both time and money.

With the introduction of the Home Information Pack and more extensive checks on work done to your house when you sell it, you will want to ensure that any notifiable work is properly notified to your Local Authority to avoid problems. HETAS Registered Installers report all installations to HETAS and we ensure that your installation is properly notified to your Local Authority.

Your HETAS Registered Installer will issue you with a signed copy of a HETAS Certificate of Compliance confirming that the complete installation complies with the Building Regulations. It is the homeowners’ responsibility to ensure that you have a valid Certificate of Compliance and only Registered Installers can give you this certificate.

All our installers are HETAS qualified so there is no need for building control from your local council. We certificate our own work to conform to document J in the building regulations.

So if you live in the Newhaven area and are looking to install a new stove or chimney system, then contact us today on 01273 514003.


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